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As the needs of iPhone X series screen becomes bigger and bigger, the X generation is coming now. 
Have you ever been trouble with Splash screen, Shake screen, Lines, drak display or bad color on iPhone X series screen

There are 4 different quality ranges for iPhone X screen, different quality has different advantages. You can check out which quality fits your business better. 

Firstly, TFT LCD screen for iPhone X series

It has the same screen structure with iPhone 4G~8Plus screen, making screen thickness is thicker than Original. While the installation is good. On another hand, it has true tone function. After you transfer Original screen data to it, the display color will be the same good with Original. 
Due to the mature production, the cost is very competitive which is important for wholesale business. 

Secondly, Incell LCD screen for iPhone X series

Its structure has been improved into Incell, which brings more thinner screen. The flex cables are in one union, without extra bunding. This makes the screen quality is more stable during the replacement. 

Thirdly, Hard OLED screen for iPhone X series

The Original iPhone X series screen is in OLED, which has no backlight but illuminate itself. Hard OLED is closer to Original structure, which brings better installation experience. If end customers want better quality than TFT, but with competitive price. Hard OLED is a good choice. 

Fourth, Soft OLED screen for iPhone X series

It has the same structure with Original screen, making the installation thickness is the same with Original screen. The screen has excellent flexibility, which brings extremely non-explosive screen. While technician need take good care of the external IC on screen. What's more, the display color is white bright, even better than Original

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