Dear Manager, 

Are you trouble with
slower function when typing fast on iPhone X?  
Bizbee lab test the issue carefully, finally check out: it causes by new iOS 13.4.1. If you have updated into iOS 13.4.1 already, you can only wait until new iOS out. Otherwise, please
don't update into iOS 13.4.1

After testing many iPhone X series screen, Bizbee lab sum up the
installation tips for iPhone X~11 Pro Max as below. 

Install waterproof adhesive when replace new screen. It will increase one layer between motherboard and screen, avoiding screen broken easily. 

2. When install the screen, make sure the
flex cable is neat, the arc should be natural, and there is no obvious creases.

3. Please
don't press hard on the four sides of the screen, to avoid lines, liquid leakage and splash screen.

Here is the latest iPhone X screen price for your reference: 

----------------LCD Screen $30.5
                        Incell LCD screen $32
                        Hard OLED $41
                        Soft OLED $74.5
XR--------------Incell LCD screen $36.2
                       Original material OEM $38 
XS--------------LCD screen $32
                       Incell LCD screen $33.7
                       Hard OLED $63
                       Soft OLED $81.7
XS Max--------LCD screen $80.9
                        Incell LCD screen $84.2
                        Hard OLED $110.7
                        Soft OLED $115
11--------------Incell LCD screen $50.5
                       Original material OEM $54.8
11 Pro---------Soft OLED $236.5
11 Pro Max---Original material OEM Soft OLED $165

order more than 100 pcs screens, there is free waterproof adhesive as gift for each screen to thank you. 
If any interest, please contact me directly by Mobile Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613760115365

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