Dear Sir, 

Hope you're fine. Do you know how to choose iPhone X screen now? 

There are three big qualities for
iPhone X/XS screen: Soft OLED, Hard OLED and Incell LCD screen. And lots of different brands are available for each quality. What's the difference between the three big qualities?

1. Soft OLED
It has the same structure with Original screen, bringing
great flexibility. The screen can't be broken easily compared with LCD. While we need take good care of IC outside. 

2. Hard OLED
The biggest difference between Soft and Hard OLED is the width of black border.
Hard OLED has wider black border then Soft OLED. Theoretically, the flexibility of Hard OLED is not that good with Soft OLED because of the attributes of OLED. 

3. Incell LCD screen
It's LCD screen structure, which is the
same with Original iPhone 4G~8Plus screen. The Incell LCD screen has backlight to protect lcd and touch, not easy to broken. 

More and more
wholesalers are buying more iPhone X/XS NCC Incell screen since last month. Good feedback come back from time to time. To thank back old and new customers, we support big promotion for iPhone X/XS NCC Incell and NCC Soft OLED screens

Limited quantity 1,000 pcs are on promotion, once finished, the price will return to old one.

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