Dear Manager, 

How to Repair /Test / Install iPhone X XR XS XS MAX OLED Screen ? 
Trouble with vertical lines on the display ? 

Soft OLED iPhone X screen has very good flexibility, and can't be broken easily.
Actually we need take good care of IC and flex cable binding positions, which are located at black edge at the bottom of the screen.
The lines will appear when you press black edge at the bottom of the screen and can't be fixed any more.

To check more detailed installation tips, please click above picture. You will see iPhone X screen installation video at our facebook home page.
Our technician team give more advices for iPhone X screen installation.
The iPhone XS Max screen is being shortage since this month. The price for all qualities keep rising because of the IC shortage.
If you have any XS Max screen needs, it's better to place order immediately in order to get the lowest price.

In the meantime, iPhone X TM TFT LCD screen is also being shortage. There is another quality TFT Incell to instead.
Here is the latest iPhone X series screen price for you:

X-----------TFT Incell $64; Hard OLED $67; JK Soft OLED $106; Original material Soft OLED $110
XR---------TFT $55.5; Original Material OEM $61; Original new $94.5
XS---------TFT LCD $65.5; Hard OLED $86; JK Soft OLED $118; Original material Soft OLED $122.5
XS Max---Original material Soft OLED $219; Original refurbished Soft OLED $298.5

We provide nice retail package for iPhone X series screen :)
If any interest, please contact me directly.

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