Dear Sir, 

There are so many iPhone X screen qualities available now, do you know which is the best for your business?  

Let me introduce you step by step. Qualities for iPhone X screen rank as: ( high to lower)

1. Original
2. OEM
3. Flexible (Soft) OLED
4. Rigid (Hard) OLED

For most repair shops, they prefer Flexible (Soft) OLED and above qualities.
For aftermarket Soft OLED, I recommend JK Soft OLED at the first place.
As GX factory only rework defective Soft OLED screens now, no new production any more. That makes GX Soft OLED has very high defective rate now. And it's very hard to test out unless long time use. 

For wholesalers, they will take each qualities to meet different needs at local.
At this moment, TM TFT LCD screen is the biggest sale among wholesalers. Customers like its highest price/performance ratio.
Please notice, some customers have suffered a lot from GX Hard OLED recently. Its cable binding technology has big issue, bringing very high rate black screen.  For hard OLED iPhone X screen, ZY is the better option

To thank back old and new customers, free JC universal 7G~8Plus home button will be gift for any iPhone X series screen orders which are more than 5 pcs

For price, please contact me online by mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613760115365

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