Dear Sir,

Do you have customers who still prefer Original iPhone screen?

With the high cost of original iPhone screen, you will find it's hard to have profit and survive.
We are excited to tell you that NCC In Cell iPhone screen is as good as Original quality, while with much more competitive price. Check out what customer saying about: 

What is NCC In Cell? 

NCC is short as Nano Crystal Coat, is a brand of our company. NCC has two sub screens now: NCC Pro and NCC In Cell. In Cell is the screen structure, while all the other aftermarket screens are out cell. 
There are three sides must be mentioned from NCC In Cell iPhone screen: display color& brightness, touch function
and installation.

Frist, display color &brightness is better than Original. After testing, customers all give this feedback. 

Second, touch function is smooth and stable.
The touch is inside lcd for NCC In Cell screen, that makes touch is more stable. What's more, the touch can still work normally after glass lens broken. 
The touch flex cable and lcd flex cable are one unit for NCC In Cell screen, no need any extra binging. This leads to more smooth touch function, compared with other aftermarket qualities. 

Third, better installation, no yellow mark, water ripple or light leakage any more
NCC In Cell take OEM frame, whose screw hole is round and full. At the same time, the home button size is the same with original. These help NCC In Cell screen install perfectly. 

For more details or price, please contact me directly by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613760115365

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