Dear Sir, 

We are excited to tell you: NCC Incell iPhone screen is available now. 
Below are more detailed features: 

First, it's Sharp LCD with Incell touch same as Original screen, say goodbye to aftermarket out-cell touch. The touch function can still work after glass lens broken.

The LCD cell+ Touch senor+ 3D touch senor is as a integration, that makes big quality difference.
The touch flex and LCD flex cable is as one originally, no need bind extra, while normal aftermaket screens need the bind. That brings more stable touch function, helping you get out of endless of 7G touch issue. 

Second, Original flex cable base, gold plating fingerprint seat, brings 99% touch ID success rate.

Third, 360° visible underglasses, display color not blue or yellow, birght white color closer to Original screen. At the same time, iPhone 8G 8Plus NCC Incell screen have true tone function

Fourth, OEM flex cable, glass lens and frame, brings stable functions, excellent touch sense, water gathered and perfect installation. 

Any interest, please contact me directly for the price, by mobile/whatsapp/wechat: 0086 13760115365

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