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Is iPhone XR Screen OLED or LCD?  

It's LCD structure originally, that's why XR screen is the cheapest one among all X series. 
Here are comparison pictures for XR screens for your reference:

First, Original VS TFT

Second, Original VS Original material OEM

Since there is only $7 difference between Original material OEM and TFT XR screen, I recommend Original material OEM at the first place for repair business.

Please notice: iPhone X GVO soft OLED screen is out stock totally now, factory stops its production already. CSOT Soft OLED is the excellent quality to replace it.

Latest price for iPhone X series screen for your checking:

X----------TM LCD $57
                Hard Truly OLED $66.5
                CSOT Soft OLED $107

                Original material OEM OLED $110
                Original refurbished OLED $191
                Original $231
XR--------TFT $56.5
                Original material OEM $63.8
                Original New $106
XS--------TM LCD $67.3
                Hard Truly OLED $100
                Original material OEM Soft OLED $124

                Original refurbished OLED $249
                Original $270
XS MAX--Original material OEM OLED $230
                Original refurbished OLED $264
                Original New $299

The blue ones are the best selling quality, customers give very good feedback. 
Any interest, please contact me directly by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13760115365, Skype: ettrendssherry
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