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Hope this email finds you well. 

iPhone NCC update version:
NCC Pro is out now, let me introduce you the difference beteween NCC and NCC Pro. It includes 4 sides mainly. 

Firstly, NCC Pro has
smaller IC, making sure perfect installation

Secondly, NCC Pro has
better color saturation, dispaly color is more closer to Original.

Thirdly, 8G/8Plus NCC Pro has true tone function, the only aftermarket quality which has true tone, no second available. 

refresh rate rise into 120HZ for all iPhone models, bringing a more response touch system.

If order more than 1,000 pcs NCC Pro iPhone screens, free customized service can be supported :)  
For more detailed information, please contact me directly by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13760115365
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