What are the best selling tools for iPhone? 

Dear Manager, 

Do you still spend long time to repair iPhone ?  

I want to share some efficient tools for iphone
repair with you
TBK Laser Cutting Marking Machine

* No need to calibrate manually, can remove iPhone back glass in seconds

*With a touch screen computer, no need to configure the computer separately

*Use positioning table, auto focus, measure thickness, no manual focus

*The laser head can automatically lift and lower

*High-speed galvanometer, supporting several times

*With keyboard and mouse
Universal Screen Tester for iPhone 7-XS Max

*Display function test

*Touch function test

*3D touch function test

*True Tone repair

*Auto-brightnesss repair

Flying Series Screwdriver(New Style)

* A: 1.5mm+, C: 0.8mm, D: 2.0mm+ has stock

* Price is $12/piece

As the mass production of NCC ESR iPhone screen, the iPhone 6S/7G/8G NCC screen price drop a lot recently :)  
To thank back new customers, crazy promotion is available for any orders on May. Below picture of NO 1, 2, 3, 4 tool will be the gift for you

*** If order more than $1,000, one tool as gift

***If order more than $3,000, two tools as gift +$30 discount

***If order more than $5,000, all four tools as gift +$60 discount

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