Top three sales of iPhone X screen

Good day Sir, 

Hope this email find you well :) 
As the sales of iPhone X screen becomes bigger and bigger, I want to share our sales data with you. 

Top sales: GVO Soft OLED, 3,500 pcs/month, $114/piece, loved by repair shops. 

Customers' feedback speak louder, GVO OLED is really good !  

Second sales: TM LCD screen, 2,500 pcs/month, $73.5/piece, loved by wholesales and online retails.

Third sales: Original Material OLED, 1,000 pcs/month, $125/piece, loved by repair shops which have very strict quality standards.

Aftermarket screen for iPhone XR and XS also sell very good recently. For more details, please contact me directly
Here I introduce you a functional iPhone 7G/7plus/8G/8plus/X/XR/XS/XS Max screen tester. Cost is $490/set, including iPhone 7G~Xs max test connectors.

For orders more than 200 pcs iPhone X screen, there free iphone 7G~Xs max tester as gift :) 
This offer is only available until the end of this month.  Any interest, please contact me directly by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat:0086 13760115365, Skype: ettrendssherry directly. 
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