iPhone Incell screen, treated as Original quality by end customers
Hi Sir,

Hope this email finds you well.

Have you ever
meet with any of below iPhone screen issue with your current supplier ?
Bad LCD, bad touch, Dim display color, low contrast, residual image, stuck pixel, high energy consumption, poor installation, unstable supply, unsatisfactory aftersales, data conflict...

Here we bring you the solution: Incell iPhone screen, the same solution with Apple official screen. Thanks to its incell structure, it has a more responsive touch system means every gesture is more fluid and accurate. This point attracts lots of game lovers and movie fans end customers. 

Incell iPhone screen apply
efficient voltage regulator IC, bringing stable and reliable user experience. And no iOS updare issue. 
At the same time, it applys the
well-chosen LCD and backlight with ESR (enhanced specular reflector), bringing high visual quality, yields remarkably right and high-contrast picture and providing a brighter, more efficient display.
It also has perfect installation.  

What's the most important,
customers sell it as Original quality without any complaint.
End customers give very good feedback to it !

While the
price is only 1/3 of Apple official original quality. It will bring you big profit area. 
Any interest, please contact me by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat:0086 13760115365 directly. 
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