Hi Friend,
this is Dona from Bizbee.

Recently some customers  asked me the different  from Copy TP and Original TP
Today let me share you the difference about it

Below two pics are  iphone x lcds with copy TP(left) and original TP(right)

Obveriously ,you can see the grids on the screen ,the grids comes because of ITO

The ITO( Indium tin oxide)is a material used in modern devices that manipulates ambient light. ITO is a good material, because it has a good response time to conduct electricity and an appropriate transparency for the emission of light.

ITO is the main component in phone lcds because it is a conductive property and possesses an excellent image quality.

But as technology limited ,only original tp can remove this ,so this is a very easy way for you to distinguish copy and original tp

and by the way,bizbee iphone x lcds factory will stop working in 13-15th ,please stock some  


please add my email to your contact so that i can share you more about phone repair field

By the way ,bizbee will have Spring Festival holiday few days later,please stock parts before our holiday or have to wait till 10th of Feb


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