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this is Dona from Bizbee,

And what i want to strong recommend you is Lasering marking machine 
We have better automatica repair solution to share with you, which only takes seconds to remove back glass ! No need to remove screen, motherboard or battery, remove the back glass directly by Laser machine: TBK-958A . It works on all iPhone models from 8G~11 Pro Max and for future iPhone models also. 

After you remove back glass, install 
bigger hole back glass directly. It's available for iPhone 8G~11 Pro Max. 
No need to remove rear camera or camera lens with frame at all. This process only takes seconds, saving your time greatly. Helping you improve efficiency and get rid of high cost for workers. 

And  the second one i want to show you is the Mulitfunction lcd tester:

Why LCD Tester?
1.LCD Tester is necessory.
Most lcds wholesalers or some repairers or refurbishing factory will test lcds before installing to reduce the faulty rate while final customer using.

2.LCD Tester will help you get a better after-sales service from your supplier.
Most of lcd supplier will not give aftersale service if you install the lcd with phone(but Bizbee will),then you do not need to install lcds just use lcd
tester is enough.then your supplier can not refuse to send you good lcds.

3.LCD Tester will help you save the cost for buy testing phone.
Actually ,testing phone or we called testing board,is nearly all full phone,will cost high and testing board is easy to get burned if unprofessional
testing and usually get scraped after test 200-300lcds.but lcds tester will easy help solve this issue

Why Bizbee LCD Tester?
6 Functions available:
1.Full Test for Display function
2.Full Test for Touch function
3.Testing 3D Function(some tester do not has this function)
4.True Tone Repair(other teser do not has this function,can use with Bizbee NCC to realize True Tone function)
5.Photosensitive Repair function(same function as unique Photosentive Repair machine ,like Bizbee A14699)
6.Encrypt Action Settings(Not easy to be copyed ,then you do not need to worry it drop price soon)

One LCD Tester =8pcs 7-XS MaxTesting IPhone (worth 4000usd) + Phonesensitive True Tone Repair Machine(Worth 48usd)

But LCD Tester only need 1/10 of testing phone cost  with shippment !!!
Give me a reply to check the price exactly and what more repair tools that can help you for a better repair life
Or register in our site :www.bizbee.com with my agent number:1000089I to get discount for them

Why Bizbee phone parts?
1. 10 years History in Phone Repair field.
2.The Only One Elite Merchant of Paypal In China+Support paypal payment for any order. 
3.Every parts from Bizbee are full tested before shipping and packed with ESD bag.
4.1 Year warranty for Phone Parts(faulty Rate<0.003).
5.Each parts has unique bar code ,every piece can be trackable overall.
6.More than 50000 models of phone repair parts in Bizbee eshop,we almost has all of the spare parts you need.

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