Hi Friend,

This is Dona from Bizbee,how is your business these days?

In phone repair field ,there are many brand of phone repair tools that you must know ,like Mijing,Mechanic,Sunshine,Kaisi and Bst
,which one is your favor brand of your repair tool?how many pcs you have for this brand repair tool?

As a wholesaler of those brand , from thousand of  xperience for them ,i think Bst is a good choice 
The production line of it is wide and can cover most of repair tools and material you need
and cost is not reasonable also ,what is your opinion?


Give me a reply for a full list of BST repair tool to see what may help you get a better repair work

(please add my email to your contact so that i can share you more than others)
Everytime you are 1 step advance than your competitor,few month later,you will be the king!


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