Hi Friend,
this is Dona from Bizbee.
today let me share you the 6 must new repair tool for your phone repair shop:
1.Multi-Function Mobile Phone Motherboard Storage Box
Available to put 2pcs 8inches phone in second layer.
Enough space for motherboard,camera ,batteries and all small parts.

2.Multi-Function 12/24/48 Cross Mobile Phone Storage Box
Easy to stock Repaired phone and save space.

3.Multi-Function Screwdriver Storage Box

4.LCD Tester for 7G-XS Max(Most HOTSALE NOW)
Easy to keep ic ,charinge port or screws for samples 

5.Multi-Function Storage Box For IC screws 

6.Sunshine Charging Activation Board
One board for all android batteries

All those tools are the most hotest since 5 months of 2019.

Give me a reply to check the price and what more repair tools that can help you for a better repair life
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More repair tips and tools ,please add my email:dona@bizbee.com to contact so that i can show you more about repair field


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