How to choose iPad touch screenIt can help you improve convenience and efficiency in your repair work

Due to the large number of iPad models, choosing suitable and high-quality products will help you improve convenience and efficiency in your repair work. The following Bizbee will tell you how to choose a suitable iPad touch screen to help your business development from the perspective of maintenance.

* Know all models of iPad

The main features of iPad

How to distinguish iPad model

First: Information on the back of the iPad: There is specific model information on the back of the iPad. We can find out which generation the iPad is based on the model information marked on the back.

Second: Query the system: We can open the iPad's 【Settings】→【General】→【About this machine】, you can see the specific iPad model and serial number. We can check the serial number to confirm the specific information of the iPad.

iPad touch screen quality inspection comparison

First, tool detection
1. Connect to the Internet and enter the URL in the ipad's built-in safari browser
2. After entering the webpage, swipe the screen directly down to test each pure color map in turn.
Highlights: Pure black screen has white dots or bright lines
Dead pixels: all white screen has dark spots
3. Yin and Yang screen: The full screen is white and yellowish, and there is bright light on the edge of the screen in dim light.
4. Rotate the ipad to test no area of the screen to ensure that no area is missed.

Second, product comparison
Most products on the market
1. The ribbon cable is pasted randomly, which will easily cause the customer to install the ribbon cable on the iPad case. It is easy to cause failures such as failure to install or touch parts without touching.
2. The quality inspection personnel have weak technical ability, and the quality personnel have no installation and maintenance experience
3. No process for testing

BIZBEE products:

 1. The flat cable paste standard, perfect use after the customer installs.

 2. The quality inspection personnel have strong technical ability and rich installation and maintenance experience.

 3. The quality inspection personnel are trained and qualified by intelligent terminal maintenance engineers to ensure that the quality of the shipped products is qualified.

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