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Here glad to share  refurbishing machines:
1). you can easier refurbish all screens by them!
2). Small size, Built-in vacuum pump, air compressor, save volume and you don't need pay high shipping fee!
3). Automatically laminating and Defoaming together, save time, raise efficiency and reduce defective rate!
4). Free technology video presented, earlier to operate!
5). Earn more by sell or fix refurbish original screen!
1.TBK-578 MINI Desktop LCD Freezing Separator
  • The newest frozen separator, the  minimum cooling temperature can reach -185
  • New appearance design, easy to use, more convenient to separate
  • working areas: 250 x 190 mm, can use for Straight screen /curved screen /tablet screen separating 
  • Better quality and better price
  • machine size: 69 x 45 x 32cm 
  • Function:  To remove the front glass more easily  
  • Application:  For all phone screens, like for iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc. Also with curved OLED Screen 
  • Voltage:  220V/ 110V /800W 
  • Temperatur: Up to - 185 degree lowest temperature 

2.TBK-308A Automatic Laminating Defoaming Machine
Brand: TBK-308A
Supply: 110V/220V
Power: 800W Max
support: 15inch
N.W: 45kg G.W: 55kg
Work Area Size: 320*230*50mm(max 15inch)
Machine Size: 400*380*370mm
Package Size: 500*500*450mm Lcd
Language: Chinese-English
Can it be cured: Yes(max 7inch)
Curing Box Size: 120*185mm Product
Feature: Laminating and defoaming integrated machine, laminating and defoaming in the same working chamber,
With a small uv box, Support 7-inch screen curing, Curve/straight screen tablet, all is ok

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