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Have you ever met broken screen when installation or complaints from your customers?
Such as black screen which can't be started ?
Color Lines or area shown in the screens?
When you show to your supplier, but they told you it's broken, worthless, and beyond warranty criterion.  Then you have a loss finally!

So What may cause a broken screen ?
Unprofessional testing or no testing!
Disqualified packing and Violent logistics!
incorrect installation which press the IC broken!
Dropped by End customers and broken!
But all these can be reduced rapidly after installation waterproof sticker !
1. Waterproof adhesive can reduce the risk of LCD broken.
2. When the old waterproof adhesive is damaged, it must be replaced, otherwise it will cause the frame and camera bracket tilt up,
     It may cause uneven heat dissipation of the CPU, false soldering of the CPU, abnormal display, etc.
3. Replace the waterproof adhesive to enhance the sealing of the mobile phone, prevent liquid and dust from entering the inside, and extend the lifespan of the mobile phone.
4. When the phone is dropped, the waterproof adhesive can cushion the impact.

In consideration of big important role of waterproof sticker.  our NCC OG screen( Original quality but aftermarket prices) will be free presented waterproof sticker. 

if  Any interests or needs, pls freely contact me at any times, i will offer you more details and best prices.

Quality first, Customer first,
Reputation first of all

We have the MOST STRICT quality control standard and the LOWEST faulty rate in this field !

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