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Are you still taking 40 mins to repair back glass by hand with dangerous? while a laser machine only takes 5 mins!
Are you still comparing different laser machine? and headached with the expensive shipping cost, misalignment problem,  high defective rate and difficult operation !
Here glad to share our hot-sellling product:
M-Triangel Mi one Automatic Laser Screen Broken Back Cover Marking Machine.
Easy to operation!
1.About 5 minutes, you can remove the back cover glass of a mobile phone, which greatly saves work efficiency and labor costs.
2.Low energy consumption, convenient and foldable, one-click marking!
3.Manually adjust the focus for faster and more accurate focus.
4.Use end-pumped laser head to reduce loss, while upgrading the laser power from 6W to 10W to improve efficiency, the laser is softer and the marking effect is better.
5.Lighter volume and weight, saving transportation costs! Compared with the previous laser machine, the shipping cost is saved at least about 185US dollars.
6. Free technical support is available, no worries about after-sales , any problems you can contact me at any time to help you solve difficulties.

Product Description :

The Laser Machine can be widely used in bezel/back glass separating and glass/metal back engraving with stable running and long service life.

For back glass separation, the Laser Machine supports almost all the mainstream phone brands and models in the market. And can complete back glass refurbishing without disassembling the phone. Besides, it’s more convenient to use since it comes with downloadable programming software. The software is updating continuously for more upcoming phone models. And it features easy operation with intelligent range finding and accurate auto focus.

For screen refurbishing, repair technicians usually apply glue remover and separate the bezel frame manually. With this machine, only 3 steps are needed to separate the bezel efficiently. Auto focus – choose the right model – scan with laser light. And the bezel will be detached from the LCD and the glass safely and completely.

Note: There will be fume during the laser light scanning process. So we recommend using a Fume Extractor when operating the laser machine.

Besides back glass and bezel separating, the Laser Machine has a more personalized application: glass/metal engraving. You can use it to mark patterns and text onto the back glass and the metal back cover. iPhone/Samsung/Huawei/back glass/bezel separating laser marking machine.

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