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This is Helen from Bizbee, top supplier for smartphone repair parts and accessories in china,  hope everything goes well with you

With inundation of all kinds of aftermarket lcd, such as TFT LCD, incell LCD, hard oled, soft oled....
Are you tired with comparing prices,  display color, touch effect , quality stability, but always cause complaints at last !
That because your customers love original quality and original experience!

With appeal of our dear customers, our bizbee have launched out NCC OG After NCC FIT and NCC INCELL.
Here share the features our NCC OG:
1. OEM Material (glass &IC)
2. No Pop-up Non-genuine Warning
3. OEM Resolution
4. OEM Display
5. FOG Assembly, Stable Quality
6. No Compatibility Issues
7. Support True tone function

And in order to appreciate customers' support, here add another 3 surprises;
1.No MOQ ( Everyone can enjoy the good quality experience)
2.Free Waterproof Glue( which can improve your repair work efficiency, reduce your repair cost, lengthen your screens' life span, and get good reputation)
3.Lifetime Warranty( even broken screen can be replaced before July 1, no one can offer such good Warranty except Bizbee)

 if you have any questions or needs, pls freely contact us at any times, i will offer you more details and best prices.
Quality first, Customer first,
Reputation first of all

We have the MOST STRICT quality control standard and the LOWEST faulty rate in this field !

You+Us=Awesome !

Helen (Sales Manager)
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High-end Customized NCC INcell Screen