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1. The flex cable can only be used with the IFace V8 programmer;
2. The  flex cable  cannot be used separately;
3. If there is no programmer, the flex cable  can not be used.
4. Iface V8 Programmer Fix iphone Face ID Not working on X-11 pro max, Face ID Repair Tool - Iface Pro V8 Programmer, don't need disassemble & Reballing the encrypted chip, just replace the dot matrix cable, repair iPhone Face ID issues no working.


1. Offline read & write;
2. Support models: For iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max;
3. Support Chinese & English menu switch;
4. Non-trace repair, green pass the 3UTools;
5. Chip non-removal low repair risk;
6. Low power consumption and no current leakage;
7. Can be adapted to the latest iOS system perfectly.

Operation Process:
1. Connect with original flex cable, press "Test" button to test the flex cable condition;
2. Press ‘Read’ button to read and save the data (Do not power off during the operation process to avoid loss of data );
3. Connect the i2C dot projector flex cable with host machine, then press ‘Write’ button to write the data. (Do not power off during the operation process to avoid loss of data);
4. Cut off the shielding cover soldering joint pads with grinding pen;
5. Heat with hot air gun and separate the dot projector board from the glass lens with sculpture knife;
6. Take down the MOSFET then short the pin as shown in the figure;
7. Reball the pads on the flex cable;
8. Apply solder paste then solder the dot projector board to the flex cable;
9. Test the flex cable working condition after the soldering;
10. Put the flex cable into shielding cover and keep the flex well aligned with glass lens.   

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