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Here is Helen from BIZBEE, mobile phone parts factory from China!

Do you have troubles with the quality of XR frequently complained by customers?
Have you lost many customers due to quality problems?

According to the monthly sales data of our factory, XR Original FOG sells 60,0000 pcs per month,
faulty rate <0.01%, while other quality is as high as 0.076%!

This is the reason why I recommend this quality to you today, faulty rate <0.01%, stable quality and sufficient inventory!

1. XR Original FOG is an original structure with more stable quality.

2. The display color of XR Original FOG is exactly the same as Brand  New Original LG.

3. Compared with the quality of other aftermarket products, Original FOG is really much better.

4. The price of XR Original FOG is much cheaper than Brand New  Original, but the quality is as stable as Brand New original.   
Here share you a good news:
Now we have a promotion activity for iphone x-11pro max lcd:  if over 50pcs, free shipping fee for them.
pls refer to updated price as follows:
iphone X LCD                NCC INCELL   Quality AAA+  $33.1 
iphone XR LCD             NCC INCELL   Quality AAA+( With free metal Plate)  $29.62  
iphone XS LCD              NCC INCELL   Quality AAA+  $34.86
iphone XS MAX LCD    NCC INCELL   Quality AAA+  $67.62
iphone 11 LCD             NCC INCELL   Quality AAA+  $37.48
iphone 11 PRO LCD     NCC INCELL   Quality AAA+  $137.75
iphone 11 PRO MAX LCD     NCC INCELL   Quality AAA+  $147.42

if any needs or questions, please contact me directly  by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13714565389  or Skype:  helen.xu0317 , TKS!
(PS:  Pls register in our Bizbee website with my name : Helen XU or 100077WO, then a discount will be offered for you.)
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