Why I recommend you in-cell structure LCD ?

***Did you suffer many touch problem when you replace screen for your customers ? 
***It was good, but ghost touch came suddently after use for a while ?
***Yellow spot problem cause the big IC?
***Display not good ? Blueish and dark ?

If you dont satisfied with your current screen , If you are looking for a better screen ! 
Please check it carefully :D

NCC Could Meet your Need !

1. Integrative Flex Cable:  Touch IC, LCD flex cable are in one. 

Why make it  ?

Most touch problems are caused by assembled flex that is easy loose and malposed. Then gotsh touch even no touch problem arise.

All in one flex will avoid the touch problem.
2. 1:1 Thinner Touch IC
Improve your installation efficience and time saving     
Do you know what is the problem below ?  Did you have this problem before ? 

That is why we use the better IC scheme with the small IC cover.  No Yellow spot problem any more after you use NCC ! 
3. True Tone Display´╝Ü
As we all know, only original screen is in-cell structure, other copy is out-cell, on-cell. That mean other screen will be a little bit thicker after installed.

NCC In-cell structure as original screen , perfect installed.  1:1 original size
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