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As more countries become back to work, masks will be needed more to keep safe.
So we still offer masks for overseas. Here updated masks information, prices and photos for you, price also much better now.

All our documents and package safe for shipping. You will get and could sell them.

Civil disposable mask 3 ply with CE certifaction,MOQ 12,000pcs  $0.16/pcs
Carton size 61*42*48cm, 3000pcs/Carton, 25KG/Carton

GX KN95 mask 4 ply with CE certification, MOQ 3,000PCS  $0.97/pcs
Carton Size: 66.5*36*32cm, 1000pcs/Carton, 16KG/Carton

Infrared thermometer gun for medical with CE & FDA certification
$24.62/pcs, MOQ 500pcs
Carton Size: 495*320*385mm, 50pcs/Carton

Direct flight shipping: 1-2 days arriving after on flight.
Now the latest requirements at our Custom.
For civil mask:

1. "NON MEDICAL" should be printed on the package.
2. No CE mark printed on the package and product.
3. Certifcate of quality should be same as the standard one, including Non medical, material percentage, stamp of factory true name. 

4. Joint declaration signed by the exporter and importer. 

if any needs or questions, please contact me directly  by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13714565389  or Skype:  helen.xu0317 , TKS!
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