Dear friend:
This is Helen from Bizbee, how are you ?

Maybe you have heard the TBK-958A and TBK-958B Laser machine before, But now have a good news,the laser machine upgarde to
TBK-958C with 10inch monitor.

The Futures as blow:

1.6W power laser head
2. Built-in HD computer
3. Built-in accurate drawings
4. Use high-speed galvanometer
5. Imported sensor auto focus
6. Equipped with wireless mouse and keyboard set
7. Equipped with aluminum alloy packing mold
8. One-key electric lifting table and professional positioning table

More details:

we have sold more  than 1000pcs laser machine for now, help many repair shop save labour cost and time, would you like to buy one for your shop to save your time and Improve repair efficiency?

if any needs or questions, please contact me directly  by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13714565389  or Skype:  helen.xu0317 , TKS!
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