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SE 2020 have already released, do you know what are difference with iphone 8G ?
Here make a detailed comparation, pls kindly refer them as belowed:
In a word, except for the difference of processor and battery for  the iPhone SE2 and iPhone 8G, 
other functions is exact same, such as camera, screen material, resolution, unlocking method, and three defense functions...

The same part between them:
1. Front camera is the same
2. For iOS 13.4.1 and above, the rear camera is the same
3. LCD screen is the same, but SE 2020 sound hole of earpiece is bigger
4. Power buttons, power flex cable is the same
5. Volume buttons, volume flex cable is the same
6. Vibrating Motor is the same ( need true tone tool to read and write original data)
7. wireless charge is the same
8. Charging flex cable ( 9V 2A ) is the same

Different part between them:
1.Battery connector is not the same
2. Size of Back housing is the same, but the Apple logo is not at the same place

For more information, pls click video link
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