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Here update prices of Samsung screens  for you:
Product Name  Price 
A14776(Prime Version AAA)For SamsungS6 OLED screen-OLED $58.34
A21359(Premium Version AAA)For SamsungA50(A505) LCD screen Assembly with frame-Original refurbished $89.24
A13775(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA320(A3 2017)LCD screen-TFT $16.67
A13011(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungJ4 2018(J400)LCD screen-TFT $12.50
A19841(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungJ4 Plus(J410/J415/J610)LCD screen-TFT $17.05
A17134(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungJ700 LCD screen-TFT $11.46
A13190(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungJ7 2016(J710)LCD screen-TFT $12.50
A15032(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungJ7 NEO(J701)LCD screen-TFT $12.50
A13189(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungJ5 2016(J510)LCD screen-TFT $12.50
A21322(Standard Version AAA)For Samsung A7 2018(A750)LCD screen -TFT $29.17
A21295(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA20(A205)LCD screen Assembly with frame-TFT $27.08
A21363(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA50(A505)LCD screen-TFT $32.30
A21364(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA80 (A805)LCD screen-TFT $58.34
A21365(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA10S LCD screen-TFT $17.71
A21367(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA20s LCD screen-TFT $19.79
A21368(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA30s LCD screen-TFT $29.17
A21369(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA50s LCD screen-TFT $32.29
A21370(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA40s LCD screen-TFT $32.29
A21371(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungM10(M105) LCD screen-TFT $16.67
A21372(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungM30 LCD screen-TFT $31.25
A21373(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungM30s LCD screen-TFT $31.25
A21374(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA10 LCD screen-TFT $17.71
A14097 (Advanced Version AAA)For SamsungTab A 10.5(T595)LCD screen-Original NEW $50.14
A21376(Standard Version AAA)For SamsungA50s LCD screen Assembly with frame-TFT $35.42
1. 100% full test, no complaints, defective rate <0.5%
2. cover logos, safely to ship.
3. Life-time warranty, any faulty ones can be freely replaced.
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