Have you met the touch issues like screen crazy touch or permanent touch after using serval hours . pls lock and unlock the phone for a while to see if working, if not , it might be the compatible issues.

1:What is compatible issues ? 
Original iPhone lcd there have different brand like LG Sharpe Toshiba JDI.
If you replaced Toshiba LCD and original phone its LG LCD then it will have around 5% touch issues . that because of the encrypted chips. 


2.  How to distinguish LG and Toshiba?

Toshiba: Starts with C11 and F7C
LG: Starts with DTP and C3F
Sharp: Starts with DKH and C0N
Majority of screens on the market is provided by Toshiba and LG. 

Solution from BIZBEE Technical Department 

1: Chinese market now have one OEM original quality which 100% No any touch problem when you use this screen . 
  • Original LG lcd  +Original touch &display flex cable + Original back light 
  • Copy IC chip thats the ONLY difference with OEM Original screen 
2: Use EEPROM machine copy the data from genuine phone to the new original screen.
This compatible issues also happened on iPhone XR, as its also lcd structure. Have you met this kind of issues.  More details just message with us or check on BIZBEE Blog

Any idea about that ? if any interesting for the machine or the ALG screen pls feel free to contact with me.  
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