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One year ago, the first iPhone X aftermarket LCDs appeared on the market. The first iPhone X aftermarket OLED became available in June 2018, and there are now countless options when it comes to iPhone X assembly screen. 

🧐🧐🧐Which brand iPhone X screens that you get?

πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ There are too many qualities available for iPhone X screen, many customers are confused to choose incell lcd/ Hard OLED/ SOFT OLED. What are they diffrence?Which one is the BEST?  Today I want to share a clear map with you. then you can know them clearly.

Newest price list for iphone x series as for your information:)
*the screen perfect to install, worked well in ISO 13, lowest faucty, lifetime warranty!*

*iPhone X screen*:


Hard OLED: $ 55.56

NCC Soft OLED : $ 80.88

Original quality: $88.25

*iPhone XR LCD*:

Original quality: $39.22

*iPhone XS screen*:
NCC  INCELL LCD : $37.58

Hard OLED: $69.45

NCC Soft OLED: $86.6

Original quality: $103.76

*iPhone XS MAX screen*:

NCC INCEL:$ 111.93

NCC Soft OLED : $141.34

Original Quality :$145.43

BIzbee's screen defect rate is the lowest in the industry, as we all know , most of supplier only offer 6 months warranty  at most one year,But we always offer lifetime warranty for all our repair parts. Hassel free here ;)

Customers positive feedback is louder😎😎😎

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