Are you looking for the perfect screw drivers for phone repair?
Screw drivers are the necessity for disassembling the precision instrument or machines. When you repair a phone, laptop or watch etc, you will surely in need of a set of screw drivers.

Most commonly used screw drivers for phone repair
1.3: For iPhone internal and android phones Phillips screws 
T2: For SHCS of new android phones 
2.5: For big screw on the motherboard of iPhones 
0.6For triangular screws of iPhone 7-xs max and watches 
0.8: For tail screws at the bottom of iPhones 
1.5: For most screws internal iPhones and android phones
Best Selling: QIANLI Flying Series Screwdriver Set
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One for all multifunctional electric screw driver
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Magnetic Screw Mat (suitable for greenhand)
EEPROM (Support iPhone 6-XS Max) True Tone restore ,auto-brightness , original screen touch issues 
Maintenance Work Mat​ (Can be used for all phones)
WYLIE WL-1805 LCD Screen Separator

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