Get True Tone Display Back After Screen ReplacementFor iPhone 8 - 11 Pro Max

As we all know, iPhone true tone functionality is disabled after a screen replacement. Most people thought that this issue only happens on aftermarket screens, which means the true tone will disappear if you use an aftermarket screen. So you may hear such saying like that, if your screen has no true tone function, that means your replacement screen is not original.

That's wrong cognition. Even an original iPhone screen would miss true tone after replacement. So how to restore the true tone display becomes a problem. To meet the market demands, various true tone repair tools appear.

There are mainly two kinds of true tone repair tools on the current market.

One can only work with the original screens kept, like the New Generations True Tone Repair Tool. (click here to see the detailed tutorial videos

The other ones work no matter your original screens exist or not, like JC-V1 Chip Programmer.   (click here to see the detailed tutorial videos)

But all these true tone repair tools above are not available yet for iPhone 11 series . Today we're gonna show you guys the solution of iPhone 11 series true tone restore - W13 PRO Apple True Tone Repair Tool - available for both original screen&non-original screen true tone repair. 

Below are the detailed tutorial of the restore course.

1. Contact your BIZBEE dedicated account manager to get the W13 Pro software and install it in your computer.

2. Enter “BOX Update” interface of the software and switch the language to English


3. Enter “Factory MtSN” interface of the software, connect your iPhone to the computer, make sure that your iPhone screen is unlock and iTunes has already been in your computer. Then you can wait for the “ Factory Value” been recognized as below.


4. Connect the W13 Pro to the computer with its own USB cable inside the package. Turn off your iPhone and remove the screen, reconnect it to the W13 Pro.

5. Enter “True Tone” interface of the software and make sure that the “MtSN” and “True Tone” options have been selected.

Note: LCM SN should be also selected when repairing iPhone 8G or iPhone 8P.


6. Make sure the BOX State is connected on the “True Tone” interface, click “Read Data”first, then “Write Data”. Reconnect the iPhone screen and W13 Pro if warnings of “File Not Opened Or No Data In HEX Editor!” pops up, then retry “Read Data” and “Write Data”.  


7. Wait for the whole progress done.


Please note that this tool is available for iPhone original screens and NCC Fit screens from iPhone 8 - 11 Pro Max, but not for aftermarket incell screens.

For more details, please check the video below.

Buy W13 Pro iPhone True Tone Repair Tool - For iPhone 8-11 Pro Max

Repair Tools and materials list in the Guide

· W13 Pro iPhone True Tone Repair Tool

· Disassembling Pry Tool Set

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