How to repair iPhone 11 pro back glass?
As the most powerful and most advanced iPhone that Apple has ever built, iPhone 11 Pro  is made of a surgical grade stainless steel its back is a single piece of machine glass with an optical PVD coating, adding to the difficulty of repair. What’s more, the arrangement of rear cameras of iPhone 11 Pro also greatly increases the difficulty of back glass repair.
BIZBEE tried different solutions (heating with the Hot Air Gun, separating with the dispergator/freeze assistance) and we were unable to remove the glass around the triple-lens camera safely and efficiently. While use the laser machine can fixed this issues easily.

Step1: Scan The Glass Around The Triple-lens Camera With Laser

Step2: Use bigger hole iphone 11 pro back glass for repair 

Big hole back glass price:

iPhone 8 back glass: ----------------usd $1.64
iPhone 8 plus back glass: ----------usd $1.64
iPhone X back glass: ----------------usd $1.64 
iPhone XS back glass: ---------------usd $1.64
iPhone XR back glass: ---------------usd $1.64
iPhone XS MAX back glass: ----------usd $1.64

iPhone 11 back glass: -----------------usd $14.05
iPhone 11 Pro back glass: ---------------usd $19.89                                   iPhone 11 Pro MAX back glass: ----------usd $19.89

Amazing Machine , use it to save your labor fee.
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