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Do you still spend hours to replace iPhone 8G~11 pro max  back glass?   
Today I'd like to share one perfect and more convenient solution with you. It can help you save time and labor cost.

How to use the TBK 958A Machine ?
1. Remove back cover
Firstly, pls connect the plug , then open the TBK machine computer , open the CAD mapping software, Select the iPhone 8P back cover template that has been set in the computer and click cover2.
(Do not adjust the parameters in the computer. Then put the iPhone back cover glass on the machine, click the Focus button, and the laser will automatically focus. By the way, this machine NO need to disassemble wireless charging. battery, rear camera or screen etc at all. You can put it the Whole iPhone on the machine !)

Second, then paint on glue, put on the bigger hole iPhone back glass directly

2. marking etching on your products.
You can use it to draw any pictures ( 200K JPG format ) , 
Support various object marking etching (Plastic/Acrylic Sheet /Stainless Steel/Wood etc.)
For example: wallet/metal plate/photo/coke bottle/aluminium product/pomelo/chopsticks/QR code/back cover.

You may watch related operation video at my youtube page.

If you have more budget, the following full set will be faster for your repairing.
1. TBK-958A Automatic Laser Screen Splitting Machine$1752.34
2. TBK Automatic fixture $100.57
3. Universal Pressure Maintaining Mold $24.38
4. Glue gun $5.12

Any interest, please  contact me directly by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13714565389  or Skype:  helen.xu0317 , TKS!

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