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This is Helen from Bizbee, top supplier for Smartphone repair parts and accessories, Hope this email find you well!

Along with the popularity of High color gamut screens, more and more customers wanna  better quality screens and care about the usage effect.
So do you know why our NCC is more popular than others?

Here are 3 reason.
1. our NCC Fit is applied G+F structure, the only factory who manufacture G+F structure. 
Because the technological requirements of  G+F structure is higer than G+G, so quality rate is lower, only 60%; 
and the cost is $2 higher than G+G structure, so other factory isn't willing to cost more under severe Competitive environment.
But our NCC is manufactured by professional factory, which is believe "quality is culture, and customer is first", so it's willing to cost more to manufacture G+F structure.

G+F structure  VS G+G structure:
(1). G+F structure with more sentive touch function( original time-sharing  drive), touch work even the glass is cracked;
 if customers' screen is broken, he can't have it repaired timely, but his iphone can be used for a while, and repair when he is free; 
 while G+G structure, he have to stop all his work and have it repaired now.

(2).  G+G structure is more thicker than G+F structure, you have clear feeling by touch the edge and frame, 
even though some factory make thinner frame and backlight, but easier to cause water ripples or yellow spots.

2.iPhone 6G~8Plus NCC Fit screen all have Original fingerprint seat, which can insure 90% touch ID success rate.

3. After  screen repaired , many customers want to paste a tempered glass  to protect their screens, but due to the glass lens of most aftermarket screens aren't smooth, so it's easier to appear white edge.
but our NCC won't appear white edge .

Besides, here comes chinese  Mid-Autumn  festival and National day,  we have a special discount :

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