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Now all kinds of iphone lcd are inundating in the market, such as NCC FIT, NCC incell, OEM original; assembled Original, Original refurbished, Original new...
But how to recover the light sensor function and true tone function? some machines work on screens, while not on others, because the structure and principle of every screen are different.
Are you crazy about it?

Here introduce a good " Chip Programmer (Support iPhone 6-XS Max)", which can recover the light sensor function and true tone function for all screens from 8P-XS max .

It's the solution for the Proximity Light Sensor|True Tone Display|Multi Touch|Vibrator compatible issues of replacement parts since ios 11 upgrade.


  1. One key read and date back up
  2. Build in SD card sock
  3. Fast data reading and writing
  4. Independently working online mode with PC
  5. lightning port data transfer supported
  6. compatible with JC Pro1000s offline mode
  7. Proximity Light Sensor/True Tone Display/Multi Touch/Vibrator data recovery
  8. Support model, iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X/XS/XSMAX

Now, you can easily backup data from original parts and rewrite to replacement parts, no more panic for compatible issues.


Step|Reading&backup # Clip connector of your original parts to JC V1 according to the models, press read button, the data was saved to building SD card.

Step2|Writing #clip connector of your replacement parts to JC V1 according to the models, press write button, saved data will be write to the replacement parts from building SD card

Chip Programmer Supported iPhone model,

  • iPhone 7/7p
  • iPhone 8/8p
  • iPhone X/XS/XMAX

Any questions or needs, please contact me directly  by Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13714565389  or Skype:  helen.xu0317 , TKS!