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Is iPhone XR Screen OLED or LCD?  

It's LCD structure originally, that's why XR screen is the cheapest one among all X series. 

Here are distinction and comparison pictures for XR screens for your reference:
XR original: full original and new from Foxconn, best performance
XR original materials: all original materials, original lcd, flex, IC, blacklight
Performance mostly close to Foxconn original, also price near to high copy, strongly recommend.

XR TFT: High copy material, good performance, with very high brightness.

First, Original VS TFT

Second, Original VS Original material 

Since there is only $5 difference between Original material OEM and TFT XR screenI recommend Original material at the first place for repair business.

Please notice: iPhone X GVO soft OLED screen is out stock totally now, factory stops its production already. CSOT Soft OLED is the excellent quality to replace it.

Latest price for iPhone X series screen for your checking:
(And more than 10 pcs, free DHL shipping !)

(Note:The red ones are the best selling quality, customers give very good feedback. )

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