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As far as i know ,most of the cellphone repairer are learn from youtube or some forum,and recently i heard  some repair accident from my customer ,think it is a necessary to review the Safety and Precaution in cell phone repair field.

1. A Clean Work Station
Keep all your regular tools within your arms reach and at appropriate place so that with time you get so well versed with the setting that when need arises for a particular tool your hand reaches out to it on its own and you do not even have to see with your eyes to locate it 
Make sure your work table is clear and no-dust,any dust or cooking oil will due to faulty of phone repairing

2. Use correct tools(including correct screws): 
To work as a professional technician, it is a must that you should have all the tools that are normally required. Additionally, you should have all the specialized tools for the particular device you want to fix.
Pay attention that iphone has at least 2 kinds of screwes while replacing lcds ,if use wrong screws may cost damage to lcd and that is not under warranty 
if you always forget the position of screws ,suggest you use this :

3. ESD Protection: 

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by any contact between them. The intensity of this current can never be said as it differs from one device to another. It all depends on a person as well so as how much one can absorb it, in some cases it might give you a tingling sensation or even stun you or maybe it is possible that you may not feel it at all.

To summarize all this into one it is best you use protection for ESD. For ESD protection, you need to use an anti static wrist strap. The anti static wrist strap is to ground any static buildup in the human body. Additionally, you can also use anti static gloves and an anti static mat and ESD safe tools.

ESD Protection

Note: I know, many (most) technicians worldwide do not use ESD protection! But it is always better to be on a safer side. If you don’t use protection, make sure you touch any metallic part before touching the motherboard. Also Its better if you do not touch any component on the motherboard.

Note: ESD protection is not required for your safety. It is for the safety of the electronic components on the motherboard.

4. Accumulate all small parts into a tray: 

Whenever you disassemble any handset, always make it a point that you gather all the detached parts in a separate tray (or container) so that you do not have to remember and look for the parts when you reassemble the handset. This way you will not leave out any part to be reassembled and this will also keep you informed about all the screws you have replaced and have not left out any of them.

Some customers are very much particular about these small things and they may get displeased if you leave out any of these screws. Keeping all the parts into one tray will also save you a lot of time which is bound to be wasted if you do not follow this rule.

5. Take care of delicate parts: 

Most of the parts in smartphones are delicate. Hence it is a must that care has to be taken while disassembling these delicate devices. Any attempt to forcefully remove a part can damage the part or the motherboard to an irreparable situation.

While handling the LCD, make sure you do not have a sharp metallic object in your hand which might cause an ugly scratch on the screen or may even break it.

6. Care while using heating equipments: 
All equipments such as soldering iron, rework station, hot air gun, etc which are used manually while doing repairs have to be used with utmost caution so that the user does not get scalded or burnt by them. A split second of distraction can cause an accident. So be very much alert while using these tools and have your total concentration into the job.

Also take extra precaution when you have any highly inflammable liquid such as IPA at hand as this may cause fire if this comes in contact with any of these heating equipments.

Do not put an battery on the heating station,that will due to a explode(that really happened)

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