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Have you ever facing such phenomena:

There are too many  touch problems for Aftermarket iPhone screens , and the cost of  original iPhone screens is too higher ?

Don't worry!

To improve the situation, our Bizbee company develop the latest In-cell structure "NCC In-cellX" iPhone LCD screens.

(Note: Original iPhone screens from iphone 5 are In-cell structure, which can make the touch function more stable. Normal aftermarket screens are usually Out-cell or On-cell structure, which may cause touch problems more easily.)

Normal aftermarket LCD: 

The touch flex cable and LCD display flex cable of normal aftermarket screens (Out-cell or On-cell structure) have to  bind with this yellow article,which may cause touch problems easily if not binded well

NCC In-cellX:

The touch flex cable and LCD display flex cable don't need to be binded together, which can avoid much of touch problems.


Features for NCC In-cellX iPhone screens:
1.The same In-cell structure as original iPhone screens, which can avoid much touch problems, and can still work/repairable when front glass is broken.
2.The screen thickness is exactly the same as original iPhone screens, perfect fit during installation.
3.Use the original frames, which make the screens fit your iPhone perfectly.
4.Use best quality front glass, perfect touch sense.
5.Use original quality flex cables (no Apple logo), make the functions more stable.
6.Very good brightness and color, not blue, not yellow, more similar to original screen.
7.Full-view polarizer, 360 degree visible under sunglasses.

if you need bigger quantities, welcome to contact me by whatsapp0086 13714565389 or Skype helen.xu0317, better price could be offered to you.

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