iPhone Touch Screen Is Not Working?These solutions may help you.

Have you met the situation that your touch screen malfunction from time to time? This can be screen automatically flicker without touching or no respond of touching. Though it happens occasionally, it may still make you frustrated to some extent. Today, we will show you how to solve different malfunction situations of iPhone touch screen.

The malfunction of touch screen may be caused by various reasons: static appear on the screen, touch IC malfunction, system failure, flex cable loosening, screen malfunction and the incompatibility of charger and USB cable. 

Static Electricity on the Screen

Touch screen is easy to carry static in dry weather, which you may not be able to touch the screen. If this situation happens, you can either place you phone without phone case on the ground to discharge the static through the electrical ground, or wipe the screen with a wet cloth to eliminate the static.

Touch IC Malfunction

The malfunction of touch IC can also lead to the malfunction of screen, which commonly happens among iPhone 6. If this happens, the parts should be repaired or replaced.

Incompatible Charger and USB Cable

If the phone has been charged by inferior charging cable or charger, this may lead to the unstable electricity of screen and the incorrect touching of screen. You should replace with a good quality charger and cable to keep the stability of electricity.

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System Issue

System problem may also cause the malfunction of touch screen. If the system halt, restart the phone may help (restart buttons depends on iPhone models); if it is due to the system issue, backup the data and restore the device in a DFU (Default Firmware Update) mode.

Flex Cable Loosening

The bad contact of flex cable will also lead to touch screen not working. Check if the cable is loosed and fasten it.

Screen Hardware Issue

If all of the above solutions are not applicable, there might be something wrong with the screen hardware and you might need to replace with a new screen.

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Have you mastered all the above solutions? If you have some better thoughts, welcome to share with us.

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