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Do your iPhone 8/8P aftermarket  LCD screens with True Tone function ?
Which can make your aftermarket LCD recover to same color display effective as original LCD.

Are you excited about that ?
Here comes our NCC ESR LCD-- The China's First Screen with True Tone Function (Return to the original experience)

No need waiting, as 8G NCC ESR LCD( with True Tone Function)
, we have limited stock for them. price is $18.21.

Except for 
True Tone Function, they have other 7 advantages as follows:
1, the LCD color is  same as the original one , Color saturation is even 30% higher than original.
2, High Brightness (士480cd/㎡) and  meet D65 color temperature standard, Maintain the same standard as original visual effects.
3. Full-view polarizer, You can see identifying color from 360°angle of the screen.
4, Anti-fingerprinted & waterproof oil.
5, Our touch ID Connecter is applied  Gold Plating(Original Standard),  now Touch ID Success Rate is over 99% , basically no touch ID problems at all.
6, Sensitive touch guaranteed , our NCC ESR LCD is responsive, sensitive and drift free. Having gone through 100 thousand times point-and-click test and 360 hours continual hover test, it works as normal.
7, the most important is that the Price is very very competitive ,almost the same as the normal aftermarket lcd screen.

Any needs or interests, welcome to contact me by whatsapp(+8613714565389) or skype(helen.xu0317).

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