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Are you still purchasing aftermarket lcd, such as TM/AUO/SC/LT/JDF...
but headache for touch problems, polarizer problem, brightness problems?

Don't worry about that, our high spec quality could solve all problems.

1. LCD brand
If you have worked in the field of smartphone repair business for many years, you surely know TM and AUO lcd are best quality among all china-made lcd.
our high spec quality lcd is applied TM/AUO LCD

2. Polarizer
All original quality are applied Brightening full -viewed polarizer, while not for all china-made lcd screen.
but our high spec quality is also applied Brightening full -viewed polarizer.

3. Backlight
A. Same quantity and quality LED light as original
    For example: original Iphone 6P LCD screen applied 16 pcs LED light, while mostly china-made lcd screen applied 12pcs or 10pcs LED light, which will reduce the brightness.
    But our high spec quality keep same quality and quantity as original ones.
B. ESR(Enhanced Specular Reflector)
In order to save cost, Normally china-made lcd screen are applied ordinary Specular Reflector, it applied ordinary material and surface is matted, and reflection effect is bad 
but our high spec quality is applied Enhanced Specular Reflector, it applied Silver plating material and surface is smooth, and reflection effect is awesome.
if reflection effect is better, surely the brightness is better !

4. 3D touch function
Almost all china-made lcd are applied fake 3D touch module, but our high spec quality is applied real 3D touch module.
real 3D could make customers play 3D game more dynamic and clearer.

We have already sold 50,000pcs and feedback is good, Would you have a try, too ? 

For any questions or needs, welcome to contact me by whatsapp(+86 13714565389), tks

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