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Would you like to know Refurbishment steps and required machines? Here i will let you know more details as follow :)
Laminating and defoaming.
1.Separator machines are:
Manual separation machine (thermal separation): suitable for separating iphone and direct screen.
Freezing separator (cold separation): suitable for separating Samsung and curved screens.

2.Laminating machine:
Integrated laminating machine: no other auxiliary equipment is needed, built-in vacuum pump, air compressor.
Independent laminating machine: need to be used with vacuum pump and air compressor for auxiliary use.

3.Bubble machine:
All-in-one laminating and defoaming machine: including laminating and defoaming functions.
Independent defoaming machine: independent defoaming cabin, external air compressor is required.
Refurbished machine package includes:
1) 7-inch manual separator (suitable for direct screen)
2) 15-inch independent laminating machine (for use with vacuum pump and air compressor)
3) Independent defoaming machine (used with air compressor)
4) Vacuum pump
5) Air compressor

● Only support the refurbishment of flat screens
● Traditional external auxiliary equipment, pneumatic conveying is more stable
● Suitable for laminating with large refurbishment, high defoaming efficiency
Manual separator:
Features: The OCA glue is heated mainly by heating, and it is separated by manual operation.

●7 inch manual separator (built-in pump)
Support the separation of straight screens below 7 inches, suitable for most straight screens
●12 inch manual separator (built-in pump)
Supports direct screens of ipad and mobile phones below 12 inches
TBK-578 Mini Freezer Separator
  ● Break the traditional "large volume", design a digital display screen, you can control the temperature of the freezer compartment, the ambient temperature, and the freezer countdown time at any time. The machine will automatically sound the whistle when the countdown is completed, and the operation technology is simple
  ● Does not support the cold glue structure series models above iPhoneX, you need to remove the phone holder first, and then separate the cover from the LCD
TBK-308A automatic laminating and defoaming integrated machine
1) Support the fitting and defoaming of straight screen/curved screen models below 15 inches
2) Fit to the integrated defoaming cabin, no need to connect other auxiliary equipment
3) Comes with a UV curing box, which is more stable in bonding and defoaming
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