30th Anniversary  Techland Moving Forward with you
On the occasion of Techland’s 30th anniversary, we would like to thank you for your support over the years. In addition to the TecE ERP system, Techland develops diversified solutions, e.g. POS (Point of Sales), E-Commerce and mobile applications. Our goal is not only to support the business needs of enterprises, but more importantly to create business value, expand the market and increase profitability for them. In the future, we will stick to this direction and move forward with our clients.

Digital Transformation of Traditional Pharmaceutical Retail

Beijing Tong Ren Tang is a well-known Chinese medicine store with hundreds of year of history. Since 1991, Tong Ren Tang has opened more than 70 branches in Hong Kong. In addition to selling Chinese herbal medicine and drugs, there are also experienced Chinese medicine doctors in some branches. Long history does not mean old-style and conservation, Tong Ren Tang recently introduced the TecE ERP and POS system to manage their operation of stores and office efficiently.  More......

Solutions for Food & Beverage Distribution / Wholesales

In recent years, Techland helped a number of food & beverage wholesaler / distributors developing tailor-made solutions which cover mobile apps for ordering, goods picking and warehouse, lorry and delivery arrangement, payment handling, and even EDI integration of the ezTrade platform, etc. This solved their difficulties in daily workflow and improve their operation efficiency. More......

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