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Although many enterprises have resumed to work in office, the recent epidemic situation is severe again, remote office will be the future trend of business. Enterprises have actively changed their operating strategies and allocated resources in remote operations to maintain the stability of their businesses. On the other hand, companies are actively looking for innovative remote solutions to reduce operating costs and explore cross-border business opportunities. In this webinar, experts from DYXnet and TECHLAND will introduce a comprehensive cross-border remote solution that help to optimize sales management system in a secure wide area network (SD-WAN).

Market Trend: Latest Update of D-Biz Funding

Since the launch of the D-Biz Program in May 2020, there are over 15,000 application recived and over 1,000 applications were approved. Due to the overwhelming response, the government annonced to increase the total funding amount HKD1.5 billion. Techland also recieved the news from our customers that their applications have been successfully approved and some of them even approved for 100% full amount of the project. For more about our remote solutions provided, please call us at 2416-6711.

After Show: Webinar with Citic Telecom CPC 

Techland organized a webinar with CITIC Telecom CPC for the latest news and tips on applying D-Biz (Distance Business Programme) and TVP (Technology Voucher Programme) on 23 June 2020 (Tue). We have shared some successful cases of implementing E-Commerce and ERP solutions with government funding. We also introduced how Cloud computing and Information security solutions optimizing the business processes and protect enterprises’ information system. For more information, please feel free to contact us, thank you!

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