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This is Holly from "JSD PCB Co.,Ltd" in china. We specialized in Quick Turn Prototype and Small Volume PCB fabricate. Quotation: 24 Hours x 7 days  Engineering support: 24 Hours x 7 days  P.O acceptance: 24 Hours x 7 days
We have an experienced team of engineers24x7 hours to provide Engineering Support
More than 180 type of PCB can be worked out every day. More than 65% of our current orders are from Oversea.
We got the TS16949、ISO、UL and SGS Quality Certification. All of this guaranteed the PCB's High Quality & High Precision.
Rate of the first passed products: >95%, Rate of delivery on time: >95%.
Our provide materail:   Our provide delivery day:   
 Halogen Free;    Quick turn Service as following:
 High Tg (Tg150,Tg170,Tg180,Tg250)   Double layer: 24H;
 High CTI  (CTI>600v);      4 layer: 48H ;
 High Thickness (10mm);   6 layer: 48H;
 High Copper (12oz);   8 layer: 2WD;
 Rogers; Arlon; Nelco;    10 layer: 2WD;
 Taconic; Teflon;    12 layer: 2WD;
 HDI; PTFE;      14 layer: 4WD;
 CEM-1, CEM-3;    16 layers: 6WD;
 Aluminum; Polyimide        Multi-layer PCBs (up to 56 layer);
Surface process------ PCBs with HAL, Leadfree HASL, Gold finger, Immersion Gold, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver, Flash gold, Hard gold, Peelable Soldermask, OSP surface treatment.
Technology capability------ Min T/G:2mil/2.5mil, Ultra-thin board thickness: 0.2mm-0.5mm upwards(ENIG, OSP); Max finished size:1500x400mm(1L, 2L and Aluminum can do. 4L can make up to1200mm),Micro via(laser drilling), Blind/buried hole, Countersink hole, (Blinded hole, Buried hole+HDI).
If you need engineering support, stable quality, quick response, and exceptional low price, please feel free to contact us.
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UL: E345919  ISO9001:2008 + ISO14001:2004  TS16949  Sira Certification  
Quotation: 24 Hours x 7 days   P.O acceptance: 24 Hours x 7 days   Engineering support: 24 Hours x 7 days