Dear Director,

Glad to hear that you are in the market for agrochemical products - especially pesticides & fertilizers.

This is Ms. Salary from Shanxi Beacon Technology Co., Ltd. in China. We specialize in amino acid, humic acid organic fertilizers, especially liquid fertilizers.

Hereby we list our latest products list for your reference.
 Amino Acid Fertilizer (Powder/Granule/Liquid)
 Humic Acid Fertilizer (Powder/Granule/Liquid)
 Potassium Humate (Powder/Granule/Crystal/Flake/Liquid)
 EDDHA-Fe 6% (Powder/Granule)
 Liquid Fertilizers(Amino Acid/Humic Acid/Seaweed/Fulvic Acid+NPK+Microelements+Other  Nutrients)
 NPK Fertilizers
FREE SAMPLES can be sent on request.  Kindly contact me if any questions. It is our pleasure to be on service of you!

Thanks and Best Regards
Carrie (Sales Manager)
Shanxi Beacon Technology Co.,Ltd.
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