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As you know, now the freight rate is increasing all over the world, and now stil increasing continuously.
What the fact is that the longer you wait, the higher the price. So waiting is not a good solution, we need to persuade ourselves to accept the price.

Opportunity only arises in adversity.

We specialize in the products :

          Amino acid         (Powder/Liquid/Granular)
          Humic acid         (Powder/Flake/Liquid/Granular)
          EDDHA-Fe 6%    (Ortho-Ortho 1.2/1.8/2.4/3.0/3.6/4.2/4.8 etc.)
          Seaweed             (Powder/Liquid/Granular/Flake)
          NPK                     water-soluble fertilizer etc.

We supply for fertilizer factory, trading company, wholesaler, distributor. We sincerely hope 
to cooperate with you. Your kindly and positive reply would be appreciated by us.

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