ATMAN DIDA Cartridge for CBD with ZERO leaking but help decrease your cost on labor

Hope everything goes well with you. 

Today, i wanted to show you our newest cartridge tank DIDA which is a revolutionary cartridge and there is no similar one in the market yet. So what's the advanage of the cartridge?

1. For cbd oil wholesaler, we noticed that labour salary is the most expensive cost.Becuase even you have the filling machine, there are people need to screw the mouthpiece back and it takes time. While our DIDA cartridge comes with a plug-in and out mouthpiece, it even don't need to take 1s to cover the mouthpiece, strongly increase working speed by at least 2 times. On the other hand, the cartridge helps save money on working time by 2 times.

2. For end of consumers, they care more about the flavor and taste. And our newest cartridge can perfectly express your oil's flavor and help to have the best perfermance. 

As for leaking issues, we 100% guarrantee zero leakage. Any more information, feel free to contact me .