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UV Smartphone Sterilization & Wireless Charger!


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Special promotion FOB price $17.25/pcs !!




   PROTECT YOUR HEALTH: Featuring professional cold cathode ultraviolet lamp that completely sanitize your entire phone to protect you and your family from harmful bacteria while you wait or charge overnight.(Notes: Only recognizes mobile phones with wireless charging function, can't disinfect metal or other objects.)

  SAFE & FAST CHARGING: Multi-functional protection system providing overvoltage protection, temperature control, short-circuit prevention and more let you and your phone be safe and protected from any risk.

   6mm INDUCTION & INTELLIGENT RECOGNITION OF TWO MODES: 6mm charging sensing distance, allowing you to charge with phone case(The thickness is less than 6mm and non-metallic); Besides, the wireless charger supports 5W ordinary and Android 10W fast charge, you just need put your phone on it and it will match automatically.

   DOUBLE USB CHARGING PORT & ANTI-OVERCHARGE: It also has two charging ports on the back of the device, a USB and USB-C. After plugging in, your device will automatically charge, disinfect and charge at the same time, or wirelessly charge.

   UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: This wireless phone charger works with fully Qi-enabled devices like iPhone X, XS, XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 , S10E, Note 9, S9, S9 Plus and more.


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